Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fun!

This post at Thought Catalog has been cracking me up for a few days.  I don't know who thought of this?  Can you imagine that board meeting?
Idiot Man 1: Dude, I have the best idea...pens just for ladies!
Idiot Man 2: Yahhh, dude, why didn't I think of that?
IM 1: Dude, imagine what we can do with the commercials.
IM 2: Dude.

I have the travel bug again.  I know that I won't get to travel anywhere until we move to Tunisia so I am trying to think of ways that I can have mini get-aways right here in Minnesota.  I miss taking pictures so I think that has to be incorporated in some way.  I love finding small moments or a new perspective that other people perhaps wouldn't have seen.  I was just thinking today about how I moved from a small town in Minnesota and lived in and traveled around Europe by myself for a year.  That's pretty rad.  Two of my favorite places were Florence, Italy where I lived and Bruges, Belgium which was one of my stops in my traveling around.  Bruges is absolutely beautiful.  Almost magical.  It's one of those places that you don't really think should exist.  Peaceful canals, cobblestone streets, delicious food, adorable shops, the cutest houses ever, and friendly people make Bruges a place that I felt so comfortable in.

About a year ago, with the help of my sister-friend, I taught myself how to crochet.  Even though I feel like a grandma, it is something I really enjoy.  I haven't been practicing as much as I want to be, but with fall coming, I'm looking forward to cuddling on my couch and crocheting my little heart out.  I really want to make these adorable keychains, super cute slippers, and this herb pot.  I would also like to make gifts for friends and family at some point.  Right now, no one wants what I make because I'm not good enough to make things evenly, but I'm working on it!

I made this Lemon Blueberry Bread the other day.  Yum.

More fun to come on this blog inshaAllah!  Stay tuned :)


  1. I want to crochet, too! I was just thinking today how beautiful it is outside and how it warms my heart and spirit. Then I thought of how soon it will be cold again, dark early, long, cold, dreary months ahead and I felt all bummed out. But it made me think of yarn, and how I only knit or crochet in the winter for some reason. I think it brings color and warmth, thinking of sitting on the couch with Netflix and a project as the snow and wind blow outside.

  2. I learned to crochet a long time but all I made was part of a rug. :( Now I forgot how.

    Now I want to go to Belgium!

  3. Maybe it's the summer that has me not crocheting? I look forward to crocheting with you Salihah this winter!

    Jen, I can "teach" you again. Perhaps Salihah should teach you though because I only know two stitches! I hope my next post helps you feel like you're in Belgium!