Thursday, April 4, 2013

I guess I'm having a baby!

A baby.  Me.  I'm having a baby.  I'm a mother.  In just three months, I'll have another human to take care of on the outside world.  I'm taking care of him now, of course, but it will be a whole different thing when he's living in our house and I have to feed him, bathe him, and care for him.  Some days, I'm totally ready.  I think that I can totally handle everything and am not worried at all.  Other days, I wonder what on Earth I signed up for.  What was I thinking?  I CAN'T possibly take care of a baby.  A baby that is going to turn into a child.  And then turn into a teenager.  And then an adult.  It will be our job to raise him into an upstanding member of society.  Who signed me up for THAT?

Ultimately, I know that it will be okay.  That we will be the best parents we can be.  We will succeed, we will fail, we will grow, and we will learn.  We will never be perfect and we shouldn't strive for perfection because we will just set ourselves up for failure.  What we should strive for is happiness.  And health.  And love.  And that is the best we can do and that is good enough.